Review of Pho Saigon Pearl

3134 W Carefree Hwy 8, Phoenix, AZ 85086

Overall Rating


My husband and I were told several sauces in the entrees we ordered were gluten free but when they brought out the sauce containers, there was “wheat flour” listed in the ingredient list. The sauces are hoisin, oyster, & soy sauce. Both locations use non gluten free soy in their Shakin’ beef but tell you (at 51st & Thunderbird) that they keep gluten free soy in only the kitchen but it’s not true. Another server confirmed this. The location staff at Carefree seem to really care & are very sweet, but if you don’t know that gluten appears in many of the brown Asian sauces then this restaurant has to be a no -go, in my opinion. When I left a message for the owner to call at their Care Free location (she owns both locations), she never called back. The staff at Thunderbird & 51st really don’t care & treat you that way. It’s a shame because their food is really delicious.

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Updated 1 year ago