Review of PizzaRev

175 E Palm Ave, Burbank, CA 91502

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Celiac friendly?



I have eaten here several times and never gotten sick. They also offer GF meatballs as toppings which is really nice and they have vegan cheese. I can't eat at most GF pizza places because they don't offer dairy free cheese. Their pizzas are really delicious and when you ask for GF Crust they ask you specifically if it's a preference of allergy. For those with allergy they will change out their gloves, get new ladels for the sauce and take the sauce from a separate squeeze bottle that has not been cross contaminated rather than the main container they get everyone else's from. Your pizza also gets prepped right in front of you while you choose the toppings on a fresh, clean new pan that hasn't been cross-contaminated. Largely this business gets it right. GF is not only about the ingredients, but the preparation and cross contamination issues are taken seriously when it comes to Gluten. One important note, however, I have seen cross contamination between ingredients. I have seen shreds of cheese contaminating other ingredients. So be aware.

Updated 2 years ago