Popeye's on Lake Geneva

Review by Rhonda O'Donnell

811 Wrigley Drive, Lake Geneva, WI 53147
4 months ago
Not celiac friendly

Absolutely no stars given on this review! We were visiting friends and family in the LG area, as we do quite often. I have Celiac Disease, so I looked on my Gluten Free Finder app, and this place came up showing they have a GF menu. I was very optimistic to be able to have a safe meal, in a touristy area. To start the meal, I indicated the I have a Gluten Allergy - My husband and I decided to share the rotisserie dinner, and we each ordered a cup of soup. My soup was served with a dinner roll, which may or may not have cross contaminated the soup. Waitress says "sorry, I'll bring a new soup, with no roll". the soup was marginal at best, certainly not worth the risk. Then the dinner arrives, pulled pork, first thing I see is Onion Rings on top of the pork. So I ask "are those onion rings Gluten Free?" she says "yes, well, let me go check" she then comes back and says "no, I'll bring the meal without the onion rings". as the rest of our table eats their meals, we sit a wait for a (hopefully) safe meal. again, she says "sorry". The check arrives, i assume there would be some type of discount, for the errors & inconvenience of sitting waiting while the rest of our group ate their food. No discount at all, so, I ask why there would not be discount - she says she'll have to talk to her manager, after about 20 minutes, she returns after giving us a $2.40 discount off of our $90 bill. At this point I am angry and offended, I ask to talk to the manager. Another 10 minute wait, she comes over. Very condescending, she says "they cannot guarantee that any dishes are completely GF, and there could be cross contamination". I said this is not cross contamination, you served me "straight gluten fortified items, not once, but twice" & "your business is listed as a safe place to eat on GF registries" which is false advertising. She says "The waitress said sorry, and fixed it" If I had not been educated about my allergy, I might have eaten this "poison" (for me) and been sick the entire holiday weekend. I am assuming that they thought I was just trying to get a free meal, which is not the case. We brought in a table of 8 + our table of 4 , they certainly made their money off us - especailly with their extremely over priced menu. They could have comped a $6 cup of soup, or 10% off the bill ($9). Their "discount" was insulting. I then start the paying process, and asking for names, anyone higher then the manager I had spoke to (MAC), waitress refused to give me any names. I told the waitiress "Advise for your career, learn what Gluten is, and when a customer says they have an allergy - don't serve them Gluten". I will be posting this review everywhere I possibly can, and certainly throughout my GF community! I am hoping to get this place taken off any GF registries STAY AWAY my follow Gluten Free Warriors!!