Print Works Bistro

Review by BreAnna

702 Green Valley Rd, Greensboro, NC 27408
4 years ago


Celiac friendly?



First of all... Let me say, they do NOT have a gluten free menu. Now, with that being said.... I have never seen a more knowledgeable staff about Gluten. I have been there several times since the first time I have been there, but this review is based on the first time I went. I informed my waitress that I was Gluten Free, and she said "that is no problem... We can alter just about anything on the menu to be gluten free... We even have Gluten Free buns just in case you are looking for a burger, or any of our other sandwiches." I ended up ordering the duck. It was incredibly delicious. Drool worthy. lol When I ordered it, she walked over to a computer, where I believe she put in the dish name, and it informed her that the rice pilaf that came with it, did indeed have barley in it. So she told me that there are many other things that I could get and told me the best thing that would pair up with it, but left the choice up to me. I took her suggestion and ordered the Mashed Potato's *which were just perfect" and I got my meal with no issues. We also came back the next morning after that to try their breakfast... Phenomenal! I ordered the smoked salmon eggs Benedict and my fiance ordered the french toast. Everything was just superb! I also ordered a cappuccino, and it was also very delicious! Very friendly staff, and beautiful establishment! This is my new favorite restaurant! One more thing... The description does not say it, but they DO have designated fryers! :)