Review of Protein Bar

251 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611

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Many of the menu items are listed as gluten free but the sauces contain gluten. For instance, the beyond meat spicy Korean dish is listed as gluten free but the spicy Korean sauce is known to contain gluten. I've contacted corporate about this but of course nothing was done since this was a nationwide mistake and probably many people have gotten sick. I'm very thankful that a knowledgeable employee stopped me from ordering this dish as I didn't know I apparently need to cross check every ingredient. I'm too scared to eat at any of these locations again. I don't believe I got sick, but it's irresponsible of the chain for touting gluten free foods when they're clearly not capable of keeping people safe. I worry about contamination and employee training.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 2 years ago