Review of Q Restaurant

660 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111

Overall Rating


My husband and I went here at 10:20pm on a Tuesday night while we were in town and they we kind to sit us and let us know kitchen closed at 10:30 so we would need to decide quickly on what to order which made me nervous because a new restaurant for a Celiac is not a quick experience however the waitress was super patient and kind. There is a gluten free menu, and it seems that it had a lot of options. I stuck with the sushi, and got the salmon roll with avocado, the veggie roll and the shrimp roll. The waitress said the sushi rice was for sure gluten free after I inquired. I was brought gluten free soy sauce but was nervous because it came in the exact same dish as the gluten filled soy sauce my husband got and it was on the same much as I like to give people the benefit of the doubt that they would not mix it up I have learned that human error is always a possibility. I asked for the bottle of gluten free soy sauce and it was brought to me quickly and I was allowed to keep it until my meal was done! This gave me real peace of mind. I did find a red sauce and roe on a few pieces of my veggie roll... and at the sushi restaurant back in orlando they told me the roe is not GF so I was a bit weary about that and gave those to my husband. I didn’t get sick, everyone was super nice and I was happy with the experience. My husband looooooved the hot pot. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try it...

Updated 1 year ago