Review of Red Robin

18810 E. Highway 40, Independence, MO 64055

Overall Rating


red robin has been very hit or miss for us. we have had successful visits only about 50% of the time. it seems that during lunch (when it's slower, perhaps?) we've been able to eat without my husband getting contaminated . every time we've come in at dinner time and it's busier, despite extensively explaining to the server who writes it all in red (they've shown us) he gets contaminated every. single. time. we love that they have a website that lists their gluten free products, but it's very frustrating to use for my husband. we love that they have dedicated fryers and are generally knowledgeable about allergens, etc. but this needs to be ALL the time. being busy doesn't excuse them to be sloppy or irresponsible and make someone sick.

Updated 3 years ago