Red Robin

Review by Sierra

10100 SW Washington Square Rd., Portland, OR 97223
1 month ago
Not celiac friendly

For a place that prides themselves on having safe GF options, including a dedicated fryer, my meal was not gluten free. I have Celiac Disease and recently got a Nima sensor to help keep me safe. I've been eating at Red Robin probably 1-2 times per month since I was diagnosed, since it was one of the only places that seemed to be guaranteed "safe." I don't have immediate symptoms from ingesting gluten, so it can be hard to tell when I've been exposed. But after being "gluten-free" for over 3 months straight, I still haven't felt any better and my quality of life has not improved. So I decided to test my food tonight, unfortunately after eating most of it, just to be sure. And what do you know? My food had gluten. So thank you, Red Robin, for acting like you are a safe place for me, but in reality, you've been poisoning me and damaging my health.