Review of Red Robin

6420 Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL 60031

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Celiac friendly?



SWEET POTATO FRIES NOT GLUTEN FREE, FRIED IN SAME DEDICATED FRYER. SO OTHER FRIES NOT GF EITHER. READ PACKAGING. THEY HAVE WHEAT PRODUCT COATING. I have Gluten Ataxia. If exposed, it causes brain damage. I ate there several times and felt weird next day. Noticed balance slightly off. Thought I was tired. NOPE! Next time we went in I asked to see packaging for everything I ate. Their sweet potato fries are coated with the product out of Europe that falls under 20ppm, but is a wheat product. Never been back. Hate to think how much permanent damage they caused me. And Celiacs need to be careful, just cause you don't have symptoms doesn't mean that the low level inflammation won't lead to cancer per a prior Celiac Sprue President. FDA site says no product is allowed to be labeled as GF if it has a gluten containing ingredient. Though they haven't imposed regulations on restaurants yet.

Updated 2 years ago