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15 Short's Gardens, London WC2H 9AT, UK

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All dishes are gluten free, vegan and free from refined sugars. And they are absolutely delicious as well. Definitely a place to come back to.

I‘ve had lunch and breakfast and both dishes were flavorsome and satisfying. At breakfast I had the buckwheat pancakes: perfectly fluffy with lots of fresh fruit. The coconut cream had a nice solid texture and complimented the sweetness of the maple syrup very well and the pecans added some crunch and crispiness, giving the otherwise soft texture a little twist. To my taste the dish had too much maple syrup, as the seasonal fruit was very juicy and rich in sweetness as well. For lunch I had soft corn tortillas filled with jackfruit, pineapple salsa, tomato & guacamole. The guac still had avocado pieces in which I really liked. The jackfruit was the best I‘ve ever had: juicy, well-flavored and spicy, soft but not falling apart. However, again to my taste the pineapple was very dominant and sweet, I like my mains better savory with fruit just taking out the edge of the spice rather than taking over.

Also, staff is absolutely professional: friendly, advising well in regard to allergens and portion sizes.

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