River Valley Farmer's Table

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1820 West Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640

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What an awesome surprise and such an accomodating staff... They made a fusili pasta GF with a garlic sauce..slightly spicy but so yummy...had the muscles which were perfect...just ask for them witjout the bread. All the pickled veggies are GF and there is a nice variety of deserts also GF. We'll deffinitely be back!

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This restaurant was highly recommended by one of my Meetup group members on a prior meet, and I did pass by there that day to admire their locally-sourced food and buy a delicious bag-full of mushrooms. But I was in the area today so I decided to return and give it's food a proper try-out.

The brunch menu caught me by surprise given it was amazing and yet peppered by references to bread and gravy, and there was definitely no dedicated gluten-free menu. But that was perfectly alright since a closer inspection (plus a good bit of knowledgeable assistance from the staff) focused my attention to all the "GF" markers on some key items on the menu, in addition to specific gluten-free alternatives (including a side of GF bread for about $3). Moreover, they were indeed very savvy about gluten-allergies and sensitivities, and assured me that anything that mentioned a bread could be substituted, or a gravy could be switched to one based from corn starch rather than standard [wheat] flour.

So being able to zero in on a GF item (a poutine, which I haven't had in years since the last time I was at Canada!), I confidently ordered that with a side of grass-fed skirt steak. I stuck with the mushroom bacon gravy [again, with corn starch as its base] for consistency, which proved to be a wise choice since I later nostalgia-tripped at the flavor -- nonetheless, I was also offered various other options to substitute the gravy for in case I wasn't comfortable with it, or simply didn't like corn starch. This included salsa, their famous house-made fermented chili butter, and about four other types of chili. They were also quick to warn me that they only had one fryer and it wasn't dedicated sadly; so while it might be okay with people with only gluten sensitivities or intolerances (such as myself), fries were off-limits to anyone with Celiac Disease or a gluten allergy. They were quick to point out, however, that the rest of the kitchen followed very strict procedures to keep it clean and avoid cross-contamination, so they were confident that, aside from deep-fried items, the restaurant could be considered Celiac-friendly.

I was impressed by how on top of everything and knowledgeable the staff was, so while the menu and the fryer situation gave me momentary pause, the reassurances seemed confident and genuine-enough to dispel any lingering concerns. My tea and poutine were brought shortly after, it wouldn't be too big a stretch of the imagination to describe the food as "heavenly". It was an amazing medley of bold, rich, fresh and nutrient-dense flavors, elevating what was once [for me] a simple side dish at a Tim Horton's near Toronto into a culinary masterpiece worthier than dishes 10x it's price. It was also unbelievably satiating in that left me with a very satisfying fullness throughout the rest of the evening; it wasn't until now, about 10 hours later, that I'm getting gentle reminders that I might be hungry. Factor in the fresh quality of the ingredients and the extreme care and humility that the staff exhibited, and the price of this dish was incredibly-reasonable for the value it offered!

Is there room for improvement? Only with the fryer,... if they can succeed in securing a dedicated fryer, I think then they can proudly say they are 100% Celiac-friendly. But I no longer feel the dedicated menu is necessary -- at the end of the day, the staff is all about talking and customer interaction, and in order to be taken care of the best way possible, you have to be willing and able to talk to them. Do that and they will treat you right, look after all your needs and reward your visit with unparalleled hospitality. This place is best enjoyed talking and eating, and not just eating -- and it does an amazing job at both!

I hope to return once again some day, maybe even with friends!

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Delicious GF items, friendly, great atmosphere!

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This establishment is NOT a dedicated gluten-free facility and may not be safe for those with celiac disease. Please contact the establishment directly to inquire about safety precautions.

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