Review of Sage Biscuit Cafe

6656 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210

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This place is not safe AT ALL. They say they have GF options, but everything is cross-contaminated. Especially horrifying is the area where they make toast, including the "GF" toast, which is all done on one toaster, spit on onto a cutting board that is COMPLETELY covered in bread crumbs, and buttered with the same knife and butter. Staff is clueless as to celiac, especially the owner.

Before we knew my wife had celiac we used to love to come here... But it is simply not safe. Please do not risk it!

As a side note, we realized that the last time we were here that the restaurant itself is quite dirty. If you do go, go up to the counter and look around. The coffee station is covered in layers of splattered milk and never cleaned up (including the steamer). The pastry case is covered in dust/filth on the inside, and I doubt has ever been cleaned. Food prep areas are not wiped down at all during the course of a shift (at the very least)... Look at where they prep the toast as an example.

We honestly ordered food, they delivered one dish but we ended up just walking out (left cash for food plus tip) just because it was so obvious that a severe glutening was going to occur.

If you have celiac again, urge you not to risk coming here.

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