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7317 Parkwood Blvd, Plano, TX 75024

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Celiac friendly?



If I could give this a negative star I would. I brought in a friend who had never been there before because I'd found this place clise to work that seemed super awesome AND they were so great about gluten issues. Sadly, the staff really weren't that well versed and I had to keep saying gluten allergy. Then towards the end when I was paying one of the guys came along and plunked a big slice of bread on my bowl!!! So the manager did my bowl himself, not very well, but that was fine. THEN he didn't believe me when I said there was avacado in the glutened bowl and actually DUG through it to check. He absolutely made me feel like a thief. The worst part? I had to tell his people in line not to put new veggies on top of old veggies in the bin. That they needed to rotate it. Yeah. They didn't understand that very well either. Needless to say .. food poisoning later and I will not be back. Food allergies? Sensitive to contamination? Yeah. I wouldn't risk it.

Updated 4 years ago

Not celiac