Review of Saltgrass Steak House

1803 Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77007

Overall Rating


Fool me twice, shame on me.

We had 2 bad experiences here, about 8 months apart

August '21 Server was dismissive of my communication that I'm gluten free and was very condescending. (Should note that my husband and I have been servers for many years ourselves & are very gracious when interacting at food service establishments) I ordered rattlesnake tails off of the gluten free menu and they came out deep fried! I specifically reminded him GF when ordering, as well. When I told the server that I clearly will get sick if I eat this, he was VERY snippy and asked if I just wanted the manager to walk me through every single item on the menu. I never did see the manager. About 10 minutes after he insisted that it was fine and was so rude to me, he returned with a new plate, where they were grilled. He did not collect the contaminated plate from us and we had to ask someone else to clear it. Salad came out with croutons, I never got my soup. Margarita did not arrive until the bill did. Chalked it up to one terrible server.

April '22 The gluten free menu was gone & no one was knowledgeable about gluten. I ordered what I usually would - grilled salmon with green beans & salad. I learned afterward that the green bean recipe has changed and they are NO longer gluten free, and I was assured that they were. My salmon came out totally bare and overdone. (Not even salt!) Clearly the move of an undertrained cook who is being extra cautious - which I appreciate to a point, but it does not make me feel safe.

Spoke to management who was apologetic but did not offer to fix it or seem to have any knowledge of menu items either. We left without eating.

I will never return to this Saltgrass again.


How confident are you that this establishment takes safety precautions against cross-contamination?

— Not very

Quality & Quantity

Is there a gluten-free menu?

— No gluten-free information on the menu

How much of the menu is available gluten-free?

— Not Much

How would you rate the taste and quality of the gluten-free food you tried?

— Poor

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