Review of Sea Dog Brewing Company

9 Water St, Exeter, NH 03833

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Celiac friendly?



They have a gluten free menu; however, they appear to have some problems following it. I went here with some family last weekend. I ordered from the gluten free menu and explained that I have celiac. Our appetizer, mussels, came out with the bread on top. We pointed out the error, so they left that one and brought out a second dish of mussels on the house. Next, my chicken sandwich came out with a bun that looked just like my husband's non-gf bun. I asked them if it was gluten free and they said, oops no not that one. They took it away to make another. However, they returned less than 5 minutes later with a new chicken sandwich. I am skeptical that it was new, as I have been having severe glutening symptoms for days. I also was somewhat concerned that that the new bun was not GF (though it was definitely different than the first bun I got). It was delicious, soft, chewy, and not crumbly - all not usually characteristics of GF buns. At this point, I am not sure if it was the bun or the sandwich cross contamination, but either way - this restaurant is not safe for celiacs.

Updated 1 year ago