Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

Review by Laura W

625 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101
1 year ago

The food was very expensive and not that good. We went at 3pm on a week day and I am willing to concede it may have been an off day, but we won’t be back. There’s a $5 upcharge for the GF crust making a personal size pizza over $20. Our GF pizza was very burned around the edges, the pine nuts on the “Settebello” pizza we ordered were even all scorched on top and the sausage was dried out. The server should have been embarrassed to bring it to the table. And to top it off the rest of the crust was very very doughy, not cooked through. The pizza oven was obviously way too hot. And the “warm beets” appetizer we ordered was not good either. It was golden and red beets that were pre-cooked and unevenly re-heated. The golden beets were grossly overcooked and mushy and the dish wasn’t heated all the way through so beets on the edge were warm but those in the middle were still cold. It was gross and we didn’t finish it. Again, a server that cared would have questioned our unfinished appetizer and charred pizza remnants left behind, but, this guy didn’t care. The tomato sauce on the pizza was delicious. That’s about all that was great. They seemed knowledgeable about gluten free, but there may have been some CC as Celiac hubby was having stomach pain and urgent bathroom visits the next day. We can’t absolutely blame it on Settebello because we ate away from home more than once that day, but it’s the most likely culprit. They had so many rave reviews here and on yelp that we were excited, but we won’t be back. And we wouldn’t recommend it to other GF diners.