Review by merriless

3252 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507
3 years ago

Gluten free menu but CC is possible. Staff did not seem knowledgeable and referred only to the gluten free menu.We came for the Wednesday couples 3 course meal. Two tapas and one meal item. We had to cross reference with the gluten free menu to see what we could choose from the courses. We had several choices for tapas but could have seafood paella for the meal. The gluten free menu has several other items but no substitutions allowed.We had ceviche, sausages, and paella. The ceviche was bright and a great appetizing start. The sausages were succulent. The paella was very savory and the filling part of the meal. The courses come with a pitcher of sangria or a bottle of wine. We were with a couple and had both. Both were great. I didn't get sick, but can't recommend to other celiacs.