Review of Smiling Moose Deli

1170 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

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They do offer gf options. While waiting for our food I had the opportunity to view the kitchen staff. One of the cooks hugged another worker, his gloves touched the back of the other and didn't change gloves. (Not just a Celiac issue.)One worker on the final prep side had NO gloves and handled our gf bread and also other orders. Even though I specified one of our sandwiches had to be gf, I don't believe they really understood what to do. I asked the gloveless worker, "Shouldn't you be wearing gloves?" He said sorry and put them on after I told him my husband couldn't eat the food he had just prepared due to cross-contamination. He replied that he didn't realize it was for a Celiac order. (Even though I shared this info when I ordered. Maybe they don't have a way of sharing this with all the workers?) The worker then changed gloves and the cook prepared another sandwich. A third worker picked up my husband's (2nd) sandwich and I couldn't say for sure that he had new gloves, but I seriously doubt it. Perhaps if you can go at a slow time between meals you would have better luck. They did place the sandwich on gf bread and on foil before going through the toaster oven. This was at the Edwards, CO location. No complaints about the quality or taste, just about their understanding of cross-contamination.

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