Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Review by Peter Myers

3217 Montrose Blvd #100, Houston, TX 77006
6 months ago

Snooze was a disappointment. I was super excited to have brunch as I saw gluten free pancakes and French toast on the menu. My grandfather and I ordered the gluten free pancake of the day. As the waitress is bringing the food to our table, she informs us that the pancake of the day is in fact not gluten free. I’m glad that she caught the mistake before we took a bite as it could have been disastrous. So while the rest of my family ate their pancakes (non-Celiac Disease), my grandfather and I had to wait for new pancakes. We ended up getting blueberry & chocolate-chip. By the time it came out, the rest of my family was done eating though. I wish the waitress knew from the gecko instead of hyping me and my grandfather up and making us wait for a new order. Snooze would greatly benefit by putting labels on their menu instead of relying on the wait staff to tell customers what is and is not gluten free.