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Didn't realize all the great ratings are old. We were visiting for the Gluten-free festival and were absolutely willing to pay a $4.00 upcharge per sandwich if my celiac partner could have a real Italian sandwich for the first time in almost 5 years. We got the "we can't guarantee" line that every place gives, but when we asked about cross contamination precautions we got an "I can change my gloves." We were going to risk it, (again, good reviews here) and asked that they bag his two gluten free sandwiches separately from my regular bread sandwich. A few minutes of watching and we were less and less confident. I asked if we could talk to the person preparing the sandwichs and were told he would come to our table in a minute. Someone ELSE came and talked to us and said they don't usually but could put down paper, clean the knife, change gloves, etc. Before he was done talking with us, however, they brought out all thee sandwiches in one bag. At this point we both agreed there was too much risk. He offered us a refund, but while the cashier was trying to figure out how to process it (poor girl said it was her first day) the actual sandwich maker started yelling that they were NOT refunding the whole order. I told him there was no way my partner was going to risk being sick for two weeks and have permanent damage. The cashier did refund the credit card charge in cash (the purchase price but not the $4.96 tip) from the register.

I would like to be very clear that I have zero problem (and sincerely appreciate) when a business says they do not take cross contamination measures and sensitive people should not eat there. I do have a problem with places that pretend to be careful but aren't.

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