Taffets Bakery & Store

Review by Kristine

1024 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
2 weeks ago
Celiac friendly

I am REALLY hoping I’m going to be able to add a star to this rating bc I’m really excited to have this in South Philly. I walked in last weekend and was disappointed from the selection. There was nothing fresh out for grabs, everything was in their mini fridge. I bought everything bagels (VERY expensive) which were terrible. I ate 1.5 of them and threw out the rest, BUT I also bought a baguette and soft pretzels. The baguette I threw in the freezer and just defrosted today to make crostini and dunk in olive oil...omg...I missed baguettes so freakin much, it was amazing! The soft pretzels are still in the freezer. I plan to go back & try some more things 🤞🏻