Review of Tapatio's Mexican Restaurant

6920 Coal Creek Pkwy SE, Newcastle, WA 98059

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



I’ve eaten here at least once a week for a few months and have never once gotten sick as an extremely sensitive celiac. Other reviewers seem to be unaware that there is no GF menu separate from the regular menu - and that’s because GF options are very clearly marked on the menu, so no alternate menus are needed. One reviewer mentioned getting non-GF chips; yes, because of how they do things at Tapatio the bussers are the ones bringing chips, and informing your server of your GF needs may not be communicated all the way to the busser in time. The bussing staff is constantly looking to make sure each seated table gets chips, and this is even more evident when they will bring you more chips within minutes of your table running out. Every time a busser comes to deliver chips that aren’t GF (by default, basically) I simply ask for the GF chips instead. They’re quite easy to tell apart if you’ve been a few times. You’ll want the circular white corn tortilla chips, not the triangle-shaped yellow corn ones. Other than that, I have never once had an issue with the food. It is consistently excellent and I’ve never not liked something I had here. I feel that this restaurant’s rating is slightly uncalled for, they are perfectly safe for celiacs in my honest opinion. If you’re the type to dock points because they can’t tell you if gluten is in their margaritas (of which, the skinny margarita uses only fresh lime juice, no mix) then perhaps you’ll be better served elsewhere. It is not difficult at all to eat safely at this restaurant as a celiac, and I appreciate the lengths they’ve gone to in order to make it so. A note for those ordering on sites like GrubHub, Caviar, etc. - it’s been my experience that while Tapatio does read and accommodate notes for orders (where I write “allergy - gluten free”) the portion sizes for to-go orders can be considerably smaller than what one would be served in the restaurant; at times, approximately 30-40% smaller. Something to keep in mind for some, as I order lunch from Tapatio regularly.

Updated 3 months ago