Review of Tasca

46 Avenue de Suffren, 75015 Paris, France 75015

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Celiac friendly?



This place SUCKS. OWNER totally uninterested in service. When he finally paid brief attention I asked for a gluten free beer. He brought me a beer I did not recognize but I trusted him since it is supposed to be A GLUTEN FREE RESTAURANT!!!!! I start drinking and reading the label. In the meantime, everything we asked for - pizza, lamb was suddenly ‘finished’ meaning not available. This after he just said the lamb was available. WTF? 8:30 Friday and out of most stuff? Back to the label- “hints of malt and barley..”. Holy crap! Call him over- I’m angry - he does not care. Shrugs. Brings a different beer. We leave. That’s for ruining my last night in Paris asshole!

Updated 11 months ago