Review of TD Garden

100 Legends Way, Boston, MA 02114

Overall Rating


GF options available. GF beer in regular seating. For GF food, tell the ushers you need to be GF and you can gain access to the premium seating food vendors where there is a GF burger and pizza available (amongst other things). The vendor I went to was Club Grille and they were great about changing their gloves and being mindful of cross-contamination. I ordered the GF cheese pizza. It was $17 for a 10" round pizza. I wouldn't order it again b/c it tasted exactly like my grade school's cafeteria cheese pizza. Bland times three. Nevertheless, having the GF options available was nice. I just wish the food I had tasted better, especially given the price. Now, I understand that it's the Garden (not gourmet) but the food should still be tasty--especially in the premium seating section!

Updated 4 years ago

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