Review of Texas Roadhouse

334 Fountain View Cir, Alcoa, TN 37701

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Miserable evening trying to get acceptably safe meal. Celiacs, AVOID! Couldn't do a salad because server reported that both the ranch and blue cheese house made salad dressings contained "high levels of gluten". Server insisted that every restaurant he'd ever worked at had non-gluten free ranch dressing. Not sure what the gluten ingredients were. Ordered a steak and grilled shrimp with NO SEASONING since I couldn't get info on the seasoning. Took 10 min longer than rest of party to get food...and it came with seasoning so server took it back. After our party was done eating, my steak came. I was starved at this point and ate it even though it still was seasoned (but was a perfectly cooked tender steak). 10 minutes later, the server returns triumphantly with my grilled shrimp...with a grilled dinner roll laying across the shrimp!!!! At that point I just asked server to take it away. He finally brought a third attempt at shrimp, which I unfortunately ate (and they were yummy) but clearly still were covered in seasoning. This is now over 45 minutes after rest of party got served. The manager did comp my meal, but I suffered later with joint inflammation as I suspected was going to happen. If you have any gluten sensitivities, avoid this location of Texas Roadhouse even though they have great food!

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Updated 5 years ago