Review of Thai Phooket II Restaurant

915 Rivergate Pkwy, Goodlettsville, TN 37072

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I read the reviews posted after I ate here, and I wanted to give this place another try. So glad I did, and we’ve been back 3x’s! Upon our 2nd return, the same server (who glutened my order the 1st time), attempted to wait on us again, she began by saying, everything is “gluten-free.” We informed her “no, it is not”, and another server overheard the conversation, corrected her, and a new server appeared.

I haven’t had a gluten incident since! I stay with the same entrée, the Druken Noodles. I recently added a side of gluten free fried rice! I am happy to say I feel safe eating at Thai PhooKet II.

I believe I could ask for anything on the menu to be made gluten-free, and they could accommodate me.

The food is wonderful, flavorful and you receive a generous serving. (The decor is adorable, and the wait staff is “down home”.) It is my “go to” spot for Thai cuisine!

————- Previous review Oh Angela, I wish you would have reviewed this restaurant sooner. I MAY give this location 1 more try with your tips.

I love Thai food, but finding a gluten free restaurant with a dedicated “gluten free” cooking area is hard. I found Thai Phooket II on the gluten free registry.

I hesitated, but when I saw the menu online, and it said any item on this menu can be made gluten-free I thought, thank God!

Two previous reviews had raved, (Angela’s review was not posted until after my visit.)

The restaurant is adorable, very homey. We were greeted, seated, and given menus.

Two waitresses serviced our table. I asked the first waitress about the gluten-free options, a menu, I was told any item could be made gluten-free on the menu just ask.

The second waitress came over, and she is the one that took our actual order, we asked again about gluten-free, and she told us EVERYTHING on the menu was gluten-free.

My husband and I were both very skeptical at this point, and I didn’t believe it, mainly because of what their website stated. My husband asked her again about the dedicated cooking space, and she shook her head and said yes, there was a dedicated gluten-free cooking space.

I ordered something I knew should be gluten-free, and asked our waitress to be sure it was prepared gluten-free. (I ordered the drunken noodles.) She assured me it would be.

My husband is not gluten-free, so he ordered: Eggrolls, fried rice, the entrée, etc.

Our food was delicious, and we had plenty of leftovers.

We stopped at the mall afterwards, and I had to find a restroom within 30 minutes.

I barely made it home, and you gluten allergic folk know the rest & the night I was in for, yep up til 2 am. (Hopefully today will be better.)

In between, I called Thai Phooket I, and spoke with a nice lady about their gluten free options, menus, was everything on the menu gluten free as our one waitress stated and the answer: no. I asked if they would please call the Rivergate location and let them know.

She assured me they would.

Gluten. Free diners beware of the Rivergate location, and take Angela’s advice. I wish I would have known.

Updated 3 years ago