The Bar

Review by Jeneen

10302 Market St, Rothschild, WI 54474
4 months ago
Celiac friendly

I first reviewed this place quite a few years ago. It is still a sports bar, lol. But in the past five or more years it has become my go to place for celiac safe fare. I typically get wings and fries, or a burger and fries. In the last two or three months they added fish fry on Fridays and I haven't had fish fry in years, so pretty amazing to get it. Pretty yummy. I note the earlier review re they ran out of batter? Based on timing it may have been the first or second Friday ever of doing GF fish fries for them, so I'd give them some slack. And, oh yeah, another new thing... deep fried cheese curds. Can you sense a theme? They have a dedicated fryer. Their waitstaff are well educated. I don't always get outward symptoms if I've been glutenated but I've eaten here pretty regularly over the years and never gotten reactions like have other places around Wausau that are usually safe. Maybe 6 months ago I asked what was up with them...why the emphasis on celiac safe vs gluten friendly? The server happily told me that one of the owners or one of the owner's wives was celiac. So it was a condition they trained their staff about and took care to provide for in back. Original review from way back when..... It's a sports bar. Not fine dining. But food is good and atmosphere is friendly and low key if the BIG game is not on to amp things up. If you are celiac or GF by choice there are Plenty of options. GF free pizza and buns for burgers. I suspect UDIs. Huge thing for me is the dedicated GF fryer for things like French fries. GF Hot wings. They even make sure the ketchup and mustard and dressings are gluten free.