Review of The CabbyShack

30 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360

Overall Rating


A joke. Some menu items say "GF prep available upon request" and was notated next to sandwiches. I order the chicken sandwich and say "with a GF bun please." Server: blinks and says "well we don't have GF buns."

I ask..."sooooo its just a slab of chicken?"

Server: (annoyed) "yup pretty much."

Me: "so its not a sandwich then?"

Server: (further annoyed) "nope, just chicken."

Me: "But we all know chicken is GF so why add a GF label next to sandwiches, a sandwich is "sandwiched" filling with bread?"

Server: "I'll just come back later when you decide..."

My advice to Crabby Cabby....go to the damn farmers market down the street on Saturdays and buy GF buns. Its false advertising and we will never return. Also note they have NO way to email them on their website either AND their Twitter has NO flag.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 5 years ago