Review of The Happy Tart

410 S Maple Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



This place is one of the few 100% safe options in the area, and I really appreciate that. Some of their foods (i.e. the ham and cheese crepe, the apple crepe, the pot pie, the chocolate chip cookies, chocolate decadence petit four, etc.) are REALLY good, but a lot of it is just okay. Just okay isn't really that okay for their prices. But what really, truly frustrates me about The Happy Tart is that it seems like this place is NEVER open. Sometimes I drive all the way there and it's just closed. And even their regular business hours are annoying--it's unclear how anyone who has a full-time job would get to the store before 6pm when they close. It's a nice bakery if you're in town, but as a local, The Happy Tart is honestly only okay.

Updated 1 year ago