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7725 Colony Road, Charlotte, NC 28226

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Celiac friendly?



If you are truly Gluten Free due to an allergy do not go here. I called the restaurant before we went to confirm that they did have a Gluten free menu and we knowledgeable before I met friends there. I was assured that they did have a GF menu and the staff would help and address any concerns. When I got there the hostess told me that the menu was marked with GF items. Once I sat down I quickly noticed that the items were not marked. I then asked our waitress and she tells me that the GF menu is still being worked on and not available (just don't order any bread - was another sarcastic comment that I got from her. So I nicely tried to explain it was not just bread that I am allergic to). Since I had a group of 5 with me I did not walk out but wished I did. I ordered a very simple burger with all of the fresh veggies and not side. 30+minutes later I got a cold over cooked burger with just mushrooms (no other veggies). Please 3/4 of our table had incomplete or wrong orders. I asked for my veggies and 20 minutes later she came back to the table with nothing but to review my order with me to make sure she wrote down the right veggies. (In the mean time I found fried onion rings under my burger patty). At this point my burger was cold (and contaminated with fried onions) and I told her to forget it because my burger was cold and I did not want to wait any longer. (her response-the veggies you ordered are cold so does it matter?") I asked to see the manager. We waited for another 30-40 minutes and they never showed. Needless to say we paid the bill with no tip and left and will never return.

Updated 3 years ago