The Matador

Review by Monica H.

7824 Leary Way, Redmond, WA 98052
Not celiac
1 year ago

Waitress and manager were not put out from my questions but they treated me like I was someone who would go postal any second, even though I was being totally nice, as I was with on a work dinner with coworkers. The waitress said their fryer for chips was a shared fryer but I questioned how they could call their nachos gluten free (printed on the menu) as such. The manager was called over who treated me the same if I was someone from a psych ward, that would freak out any second (so weird...never been treated like that before). He said it was NOT a shared fryer and ultimately, I did not get sick. But, I won’t be back. Food was just average...could have gotten that level of food from a food truck.