Review of The Twisted Tail

509 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Overall Rating


While I’ve had good experiences in the past here, there are some waiters who are very misinformed about what can or can’t contain gluten. I was told very matter of factly that ALL alcohols are gluten free because of the way they are made and that ordering Tito’s was unnecessary because it was just a marketing tactic to take advantage of people who didn’t know better. I had to explain to them that there are various factors that could affect people with celiac disease such as flavoring that contains gluten (that the drink I wanted to swap out had), the distillery using flour to seal barrels, or just general cross contamination from being made in a gluten containing facility.

They also look down on you and try to convince you to order something else if someone else at your table has ordered the same item as they expect you to share. I can’t exactly eat off of people’s plates so let me order what I want next time. Especially when there’s only one GF dessert, it makes no sense to hassle customers to order different things when they both wanted the GF one.

Updated 1 year ago