Review of The Veggie Grill

565 San Antonio Rd, Mountain View, CA 94040

Overall Rating


I was so excited to try this place out about 6 months ago, with my daughter. Could barely find anything to order to eat! And super pricey for very small portions, along with no guarantees of true gluten free or dairy free meals, made this a one-time shot. Had a teeny tiny bowl of cauliflower soup. I thought it was pretty tasty (I was also starving!), but daughter hated it. Cold atmosphere, unpleasant staff. Felt more like a cafeteria with unhappy employees. No one cared about the patrons trying to order food they thought they could order and avoid their allergies. I think the idea of GF was to get customers, but no understanding nor caring regarding cross contamination. Huge disappointment.

Updated 5 years ago