Thinking Cup

Review by Rhonda

236 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113
1 year ago
Celiac friendly

Went here today for the first time... placed my order and let the lady at the counter know that I was a very sensitive celiac so proper handleing is essential. She assured me they were very aware and used all precautions. I walked down the line and watched the young lady making my sandwich. She started by changing her gloves.... then wiped off her counter... next step was heating my bread which she did by wrapping it first in foil before placing it in the press... I was so very impressed that they would take the time to think that far in to the process... I had actually been thinking as I was watching "Oh well, there is the cross contamination potential, and I would probably be eating the filling and leaving the bread even though the bread itself was gluten free" When she wrapped it in foil I wanted to hug her!!! Then the poor girl dropped one slice on the counter when she unwrapped them... she immediatly without any hesitation took that slice and put it in the trash and prepared a new slice! I am so excited to have found this place! I know I will go back there again, and again, and again :D Very, clean, very pleasant, right on top of the allergin issue... I just wish I could give them more than 5 stars!!! Had to come back and edit this review! I indulged and purchased a gluten free pastry, they had a black forest cake today.... little layers of cake with cream filling and cherries.... out of this world!!! Anyone with celiac can attest to how rare good pastries are and a shop that sells really good gluten free bread for your sandwich!