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112 West Galer St., Seattle, WA 98119

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So much cleaner and better managed than Safeway, however, their GF options are limited and nothing is labeled.

Safeway is poorly managed and maintained, and not an enjoyable shopping experience in the least, however, if you’re new to the area or just dropping in and looking for a simpler shopping trip accompanied by clearly marked “Gluten Free” labels, Safeway is a smarter choice.

Because most everything is Trader Joe’s brand, very few items come up on my GF app, “The Gluten Free Scanner” (full version). Sure, you can read labels, but as a severe Celiac I need to know the conditions under which food has been handled or processed to ensure that I don’t get sick.

I tend to follow the “Certified Gluten Free” labels for anything processed, but as far as I’ve seen, you won’t find anything in TJ’s.

So far, so good, though! I can eat [most of] the meats here without contamination and tend to eat a more whole food diet, anyhow, with no issues.

(I say “most of” because I’ve only tried chicken, stew meat, and shredded meat from TJ’s, but as a former Floridian who was constantly contaminated by Publix’s meat department, it’s so nice to not get sick from the food you cook at home...)

I hope this can help your shopping experience!

Best Wishes, Sara

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Updated 2 years ago