Trilogy Sanctuary

Review by CJ Williams

7650 Girard Ave #400, La Jolla, CA 92037
Featured Reviewer, Celiac
2 years ago
Celiac friendly

A stellar, dedicated gluten-free joint, whose location is a much a jewel as its menu. Food ranges from vegan "nachos" and newly-minted ravioli (raw, but delicious), to the breakfast and brunch run of crepes, pancakes, and "eggz" benedict. Though meatless and eggless, the chef turns every ingredient to its best to create dishes that aren't free-from so much as full-of flavour -- despite BEING free from gluten, animal products, and sometimes even heat. The service is excellent. Everything is local-sourced, as well as guaranteed organic, and made to order, and I could eat the house-made nutella crepes all-celiac-day. If you're in the Southern CA area, San Diego, et al. take a leisurely stop at Trilogy. It's safe. Celiac-safe. And delightful.