Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint

Review by Heather

2052 Town Center Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37921
7 months ago

Updated review 4/7/19 I asked for a gluten free crust because of a gluten allergy and the employee changed gloves immediately, asked what toppings I wanted, and proceeded to get fresh toppings from under the counter. I watched as my pizza went through the oven and as it was coming out, a different employee placed my pizza on the same cutting board where a regular pizza had just been cut! He even cut it with the same cutter. I immediately told him that my pizza wasn’t safe because he contaminated it. He stated he was given no indication that my pizza was for an allergy. I’m so glad I watched the process or else I could’ve been very sick. Another employee immediately made me a new pizza. I make it a habit of watching pizza places like this one and Blaze to ensure they’re not contaminating me. I was just disappointed that this happened at Uncle Maddio’s since I’ve always had good experiences there. Original review: My favorite pizza place! They do a wonderful job to prevent cross contamination and the pizzas are delicious! Staff is friendly and accommodating.