Review of Valeo's Pizza

5021 30th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53144

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Valeo’s is the bomb-diggity of Gluten Free pizza, service and care. From Noah, David, or Amy taking my order and checking to see If my Gluten Free pizza is a choice or an allergy, to the care of making the pizza and the on-time delivery of my pizza every time. Valeo’s is well worth the price to build your own pizza or to try one of their well put together recipes. The pizza is amazing any way you slice it. I always order my pizza well done.David and Amy, the store managers, always have things well in hand and always has time for their customers. It is refreshing to say the least to see that a food place can still take their time to check on the service provided and still put out an off the hook pizza. I can not brag about the customer service, the cleanliness, or the care enough. If you have not found your pizza place yet in Kenosha, give Valeo’s a try, especially if you are Gluten Free like meKeep up the great work Valeo’s. And thank you for your fantastic service.Aingealicia

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Updated 2 years ago