Review of Wasabi at CityWalk

1000 Universal City Plaza #112, Universal City, CA 91608

Overall Rating


The staff was super careful and helpful but there are not a lot of gf choices in the menu.

They told me to get sashimi or a salmon dish without the “sauce” that (in my opinion) makes the fish a “dish.” I saw the eel sashimi and I am a big fan of eel so I got excited again, then they said eel was prepared in a sauce beforehand so I shouldn’t get that one. I felt really bad at this point, ordered a yellowtail sashimi, ate four pieces of raw fish and got out.

Even though the staff was lovely and three of them were constantly communicating with me to make sure I ate safe, the food was boring and tastless. Seeing other people eating sushi that is literally on fire right next to me also didn’t help.

Updated 3 years ago