Review of Wheat Penny Oven and Bar

515 Wayne Ave, Dayton, OH 45410

Overall Rating


Don't let the name fool you. Their gluten free pizza is great and I've never been sick. Any of their specialty pizzas can be made GF, except the white sauce for white pizzas is made with flour, though you can sub olive oil instead and it's still amazing. The gf pizzas only come in a large thin crust, but it's not like a cracker, still really chewy and has a great texture. You can also get half of one flavor/toppings and the other half something else.The waiters are very knowledgable about gluten and what you can have on the menu. I believe you can have a few entrees as well but I'm addicted to the pizza. They offer a few gf desserts and cycle in new pizzas seasonally. Like I said, I've never been sick from their food and I have celiac, so I would say it is celiac friendly, especially given how knowledgable the waitstaff is.

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Updated 7 years ago