Review by JCallen

1714 International Dr, McLean, VA 22102
3 months ago
Celiac friendly

I’ve eaten here a few times in the past year and haven’t gotten sick, even though I have Celiac and am very sensitive to cross contamination. I have found that the servers aren’t all knowledgeable about gluten and once was assigned a new server after speaking with the manager. I tend to go out for meals at quieter, non-peak times which may help too. I received gf bread, which was slow to be served but tasty, and each meal, usually a fish dish, was delicious, well prepared, served by someone other than our server, who wore gloves, and the meal was clearly marked as “allergy.” Because of bad experiences at other restaurants I tend to choose meals that are naturally gf so I can eliminate at least one source of potential contamination and worry. This may account for the difference of reviewers experiences, which are certainly troubling to read. I’ve been told each time that the restaurant has separate prep and cooking areas, so now I’m a little concerned by what others here were recently told. All in all, I’ve had delicious meals at Wildfire and great experiences with no illness.