Your Pie

Review by Sammantha

1919 Gunbarrel Rd #103, Chattanooga, TN 37421
2 months ago
Celiac friendly

Staff did ask if I wanted my pizza prepared in back, changed gloves even though I'm Gluten sensitive and not celiac (although it seems to be getting worse). My only issues are that the vegan cheese is daiya which isn't the best texture or taste wise and I am also intolerant to dairy. It was difficult to order since I had never been there before... The menu does not specify what has allergens in it... It hangs on the wall as you walk through the cafeteria style line. I would love to have had a salad but with no info on dressings... And all salads being premade with cheese in them, I did not order. There is a sense of feeling rushed because of the ordering style which means I'm less likely to ask questions or order more. Would also have loved to have a brownie.... Which is extremely easy to make gluten and dairy free... But again nothing was conveniently labeled. Pizza was ok. Mostly the vegan cheese is off-putting, but the crust is put into a foil pan and baked as so to not cross contaminate it... Which is awesome, but it was flimsy/not crispy when it came out.... Maybe I should have asked for it to be well done.... That might do the trick. I would go back, but I'm still on the lookout for a better option. These are personal sized pizzas, but my 5 year old son and I shared one, each having 3 pieces. The up charge for gluten free is 3.00... Which I'm happy to pay... Considering that it means more gloves and gluten free flour are more expensive.