Gluten Free at City Winery

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Dessert, Bar, Restaurant
2 weeks ago
Celiac friendly

The menu clearly indicated several options that are gluten free or could be prepared gluten free. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable.

3 weeks ago

We were walking around the Chicago Riverwalk and asking for gluten free options at all the places. This place said they could do almost everything gluten free by substituting the crackers or pasta. They do not have gluten free bread. I had the pesto pasta, small and delicious, but a little bit pricey. However, being a tourist and on the water I felt it was fair enough. My husband got a panini (not GF) that he liked. Lots of wonderful wine choices. And cocktails.

4 months ago

I’ve been here twice in the past year. The first time I went, I had duck tacos and a chicken dish and it was so yummy and I was so safe. We called ahead of time to see if they could accommodate celiac, and they assured us they could. I was eating in an event room watching a concert. Last night, I was in their Haymarket Lounge watching a comedy show, and I didn’t call ahead of time knowing it was safe last time. The servers were all triple and quadruple sat, as everyone showed up at the same time. I assume everyone was overwhelmed (including the kitchen) because they brought the wrong main course out for us, and then when our gf mousse came for dessert, it looked like it had brownies and a crumble on top. We asked the server and he went back to check with the kitchen and they said it was gf, so I dove in, and I could feel myself getting sick not 10 minutes after finishing the meal. So, if you go, it’s worth calling ahead of time so they can make a note next to your name about celiac—because the stuff they have there is so fun!

7 months ago
Celiac friendly

The menu is clearly marked with regular gluten free options. The kitchen is VERY helpful about making other menu items accessible if requested (i.e. no bun or bread on sandwiches, no breading on fish). As a winery, there is also plenty to drink!!

1 year ago
Celiac friendly

They have now added a ‘GF’ symbol on their menu which readily identifies what’s safe - night we were there was a steak a salmon and a roast chicken entree. Much easier to know what to order than ever in the past

3 years ago

This is a great restaurant, but doesn't have the most gluten-free options on the menu. However, when I told them of my allergy they were very accommodating!

Not celiac
3 years ago

Not a dedicated gluten-free facility but very knowledgeable and helpful staff/chef who will work with you to make your meal delicious and safe.

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