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Symptomatic Celiac

My husband and I are planning a cross-country roadtrip later this year, from Portland, OR, to Brooklyn, NY. 🚙 We’ve made the trek once, and are excited to try a new route this time! Please, tell me your favorite Celiac-safe meal in / near Minneapolis. Food will be a key part of our journey. 🗺️📍🍳🥟🥐🫔🥘🌭

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    KT_travels Hey! I'm in the St Paul area so a couple of these recommendations might be on the east side of the river but I would definitely recommend these places: - Hold the Wheat (bakery) - Brasa (multiple locations, I like the location on Grand in St Paul best) - Red Cow (burgers) - Pizza Lucé Safe travels! 2 replies

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    AmyLu It's been a while since I've been to Minneapolis, but I agree with Pizza Luce for sure!! Ate there before and after diagnosis and never had any issues. If you like a little heat, the fire breathing dragon pizza is sooo good. 1 reply

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    ic43952 Hi! There’s a really good fast food restaurant called “Where’s the flour” in the Eden prairie shopping center’s food court and it’s absolutely amazing. I know it’s a little out of the way of Minneapolis, but I’d say it’s worth it. I haven’t had cheese curds or chicken tenders in a long time and literally almost started crying because I was so happy! 1 reply

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