My celiac son may face 10 days or so in jail and I was wondering if jails will accommodate his special dietary needs? He also can’t have any dairy and oats. I’ve asked around and know one knows for certain if they can accommodate his dietary needs. Thanks.

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    evilwayz i can tell you right now the answer is no jail has bologna sandwiches every day with white bread and corn chips the only way is if he find a person has commissary and you ad money to that person books other then that your son is SOL don’t do the crime if you can’t do time the only do kosher for jews and Muslims 1 reply

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    TracyMarie Make sure his attorney knows that regular jail food is a major health concern, and make sure the judge knows the potential health problems. Have a plan in place to exchange for jail time, maybe extra community service, longer probation, more frequent drug testing…

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    tom44773 NO. He better learn how to trade for someone’s fruit/veggies (not allowed) Everything is the absolute cheapest facsimile of “food”