Outback Steakhouse

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4611 Grape Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545

(574) 271-2333
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    4 ratingJuly 09, 2014

    I love my local Outback. They are fabulous about dealing with allergy & gluten issues, including making dessert substitutions when I can't eat what's offered with a deal (which they absolutely don't have to do by policy, so I think it rocks that they do). If something is wrong (like a steak being the wrong temp), 99% of the time, a manager brings the food out to check on you & make sure it's correct. I think I've had 1 unfriendly server there (which is pretty amazing these days at most places), and I love the management team. Overall, the store is always very clean (though I'd love to see them do away with the air freshener in the bathroom because it can be cloying & it makes it tricky to breathe inside). The reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because of something another review points out: the lack of the GF fryer. They had one, and they had amazing fries. I frequently bragged to people that our Outback had gone above & beyond corporate's GF menu & had purchased a GF fryer out of their store budget. Unfortunately, it broke earlier this year, and as of a couple of weeks ago they still had not replaced it. I understand that it is an extra expense, but I was truly hoping they'd replace it. That fryer was often the deciding factor for us if we were debating between a couple of restaurants, because it was one of the few places I could get fries. Since they've not replaced it, we've not eaten there as often as we had in the past, because some of the point of spending the extra money to go to the nicer restaurant was so I could have something I really miss. Given how amazing the store is with allergen info & avoiding cross-contamination, I highly recommend going. The GF menu is pretty impressive, and the food is always great. I'd be back to giving them 5 stars again if they would replace that fryer.

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    1 ratingMay 10, 2014

    At one time, they had a gf fryer for fries but decided to do away with it. This was a huge let down for my children who very rarely get to order fries when we eat out!

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    5 ratingMarch 10, 2014

    Safe place for Celiacs and their food is pretty tasty too. Been here many times without any sickness following.

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    5 ratingOctober 19, 2013

    My son has celiac disease and is very sensitive to cross contamination. He has enjoyed about 20 delicious meals at this location and has never had an issue. Highly recommend! Great management.

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    5 ratingMay 03, 2013

    What a wonderful Gluten Free menu. The staff suggested the Cheesy Fry appetizer. It is save since they have a dedicated fryer. OH MY-that was good. Our waitress told us about the burgers and the gluten free buns!! Right, they have gluten free buns!!! The dessert was great too. A few days later and I am still feeling fine so no cross-contamination!! I give this a three thumbs up!! Wait....oh....I only have two thumbs..can I borrow yours? :-)

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    5 ratingOctober 07, 2011

    Yes, it's a chain, which I'm always cautios of, but this Outback goes above and beyond! They provide bread, hamburger buns, and their fries are gluten free! An exclusive menu I've only found at this Outback, plus great service.. I highly recommend! :)

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    5 ratingSeptember 02, 2015

    547 Arena Hub Plaza, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

    Dedicated gluten free menu has lots of options. Just ask the hostess for it. They even have a hot gluten free brownie a la mode for dessert! Management is always happy to answer any questions.

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    3 ratingSeptember 02, 2015

    2415 N. Reserve, Missoula, MT 59808

    I'm a big fan of Outback, but my experience at this particular restaurant wasn't great. Among other things, we were informed as we went to pay that they don't honor the AARP discount on Fridays and Saturdays. So, yaknow, there's that.

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    5 ratingAugust 31, 2015

    103 Carlisle Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

    The biggest GF menu for a chain!

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    5 ratingAugust 29, 2015

    2765 W. Shaw, Fresno, CA 93711

    Absolutely love outback ! Filet and lobster and always safe as they have a HUGE dedicated menu as a part of the Normal menu. Even lists the cocktails that are safe. Never had a reaction here and is my go to steak place!!!

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    5 ratingAugust 26, 2015

    14295 W. Colfax Avenue, Golden, CO 80401

    I have eaten at this restaurant many times & never have had any issues. I am extremely sensitive to Gluten

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    4 ratingAugust 24, 2015

    3501 Marketplace Circle, Traverse City, MI 49684

    I got a steak and a baked potato, the steak was decent and the potato was very good! Definitely knowledgeable about Celiac and were very helpful!

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    4 ratingAugust 23, 2015

    8601 W. Cross Drive, Littleton, CO 80123

    Good food, decent selection (except the GF menu is not organized the same as the standard menu so it is not easy to cross reference). I love the steak, prime rib, shrimp, salad, and dessert! Lots of GF stuff. Only negative was that they often put the little cup of Au Jus (that is NOT) GF on my plate and it sloshes all over on the way to the table even when I ask not to be served it. I'll make a bigger deal next time and I'm sure they'll get it right because they do seem to care.

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    5 ratingAugust 23, 2015

    180 Pakis Street, Hot Springs, AR 71913

    This particular Outback takes Gluten Free (as well as other allergies) seriously. Any special requests are honored. Just be sure to ask questions and be specific about your restrictions. The salmon is my favorite. I eat there weekly without problems.

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    4 ratingAugust 23, 2015

    23415 Three Notch Road, California, MD 20619

    They know what they're doing and understand about cross-contamination. Also have a more extensive gluten-free selection than most chain restaurants. Staff is courteous and knowledgeable. I go back here whenever I'm in the area.

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    5 ratingAugust 22, 2015

    2402 N. Prospect Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821

    Always a good experience here. They are very informed.

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    5 ratingAugust 22, 2015

    167 East Mitchell Hammock Rd., Oviedo, FL 32765

    We live right around the corner and we go often. Very accommodating. Wish they had gf bread, but we bring our own and they don't care.

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    1 ratingAugust 22, 2015

    1990 E. 20th Street, Chico, CA 95928

    My daughter and I are gluten free due to Celiac Disease, not the trendy not lose weight diet. We went to Outback in Chico for Valentine's Day. Went through the whole gluten free process and explaining that it is a health issue/allergy, not the trendy thing. We ate our meals and the next day we were so sick! We had gluten cross contamination....diarrhea, stomach pain, intestinal pain, bloating, joint pain, chronic fatigue, headache, and my daughter broke out in hives also. Was the worse experience ever and have not been back since. The manager did send me gift cards to refund our meals but I gave them away, don't trust them any longer.

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    5 ratingAugust 22, 2015

    105 Grand Central Mall, Vienna, WV 26101

    First time dining out since our son was diagnosed 7 months ago with Celiac Disease. Excellent service. We couldn't have the bread so they brought us grapes. Lots to choose from on the GF menu. Our waitress could tell we were nervous so she walked us through the process of cooking and handling. What made it even better was that our son didn't get sick after eating!

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    4 ratingAugust 20, 2015

    150 Dorset Street, S. Burlington, VT 05403

    I got the grilled chicken on the barbie and a baked potato and had no issues. Just be sure to remind them not to add croutons if you're ordering a salad.

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    5 ratingAugust 16, 2015

    2076 Interchange Rd. Mill Creek Pavilion, Erie, PA 16565

    Very helpful and knowledgable about cc concerns and gf.

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    5 ratingAugust 14, 2015

    4215 Ebenezer Road, Baltimore, MD 21236

    Always a great place for a safe GF meal!

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    5 ratingAugust 14, 2015

    3121 Albert Lankford Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24501

    Excellent place for gluten free food & menu! Best ribs ever!

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    3 ratingAugust 13, 2015

    111 Enterprise Drive, Danville, VA 24540

    Not bad. A few new items and the waitstaff was really helpful and kind. Still wish they could manage a gluten free alternative to the bread they serve. It is really uncomfortable to watch everyone else enjoy themselves. It would not have to be bread. Just something to make me feel welcome.

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    3 ratingAugust 11, 2015

    300 Andover Street, Peabody, MA 01960

    Improvements with the menu encouraged me to come back. Happened to have better waitstaff and food was pretty good.

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    1 ratingAugust 09, 2015

    101 W. 34th, Anchorage, AK 99503

    They do have a very nice gluten free menu. I have celiac and must avoid gluten free which makes eating out quite an ordeal most times. My waiter was able to ask questions of the kitchen and they seemed to be aware of what was safe and what contained gluten which was helpful. My meal was very good and the waiter very attentive. I was feeling safe enough to actually try the pecan brownie that was listed on the gluten free menu. My gut told me that there's no way it was gluten free, so I double checked to make sure it was gluten free and not just a typo. They assured me it was safe so I tried it. I sure wish I had listened to myself and stayed away from it! By the time I'd finished it I was in agony! I was breaking out in a cold sweat and felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. I spent the rest of the night dealing with terrible gut pain and all the other 'lovely' effects of being glutened. Sadly, this one mistake made by someone who obviously doesn't understand what 'gluten free' is will cost me damage to my intestines and close to a month long recovery. While it is awesome that they are at least trying to accommodate those on a gluten free diet, it's not much use if the kitchen doesn't know how to keep it gluten free. If your just gluten intolerant, you may be fine, but if your Celiac as I am, then I'd not recommend it.

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    5 ratingAugust 09, 2015

    210 Gateway Blvd., Rocky Mount, NC 27804

    Excellent service and the food was great.

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    2 ratingAugust 08, 2015

    21 Orchard Park Drive, Greenville, SC 29615

    I have eaten at other Outback locations with confidence, but not at this one. Our waiter seemed disinterested in my GF/celiac request. My Caesar salad looked as if someone had taken a regular salad and removed the croutons - there were suspicious crumbs in it. If I return to this location ( I do love their steak) next time I will place my order with the manager directly.

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    5 ratingAugust 08, 2015

    22606 Bothell-Everett Hwy., Bothell, WA 98201

    I have ate here several times and never had a problem. Tonight they accidentally gave me the wrong salad. I noticed right away since there was croutons on it. They corrected it and not only did I get one apology but three. The manager even came to my table. I couldn't have asked for better service! I love this place!!!

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    5 ratingAugust 06, 2015

    4920 Milan Rd., Perkins Township, OH 44870

    On a recent trip to Cedar Point, we ventured "off-property" for one of our lunches. I'd done my GF research ahead of time, so Outback was our destination of choice. Their GF menu was very good. My celiac son enjoyed his meal and particularly loved his brownie sundae! He felt fine afterwards, so no sign of cross contamination.

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    5 ratingAugust 06, 2015

    2115 Pepperell Pkwy., Opelika, AL 36801

    Great experience! They even have a yummy gluten free brownie dessert!

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    1 ratingAugust 05, 2015

    1626 Fleischli Business Pkwy., Cheyenne, WY 82007

    I was there about weeks ago and got glutened. The cut of sirloin was terrible and I don't know if the sour creme was gluten free on my baked potato. The salad dressing on tasted like it was bottled on the caesar salad. Not a good idea if you have celiac or gluten sensitivities. I've had such wonderful experiences in our outback in Tucson that I believed the waitress that they knew what they were doing.

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    5 ratingAugust 05, 2015

    75-5809 Alii Drive, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

    Separate gluten free menu and server very knowledgable on gluten free options. Great steak, salad and broccoli side. My dining companion is not gluten free and was very happy with meal as well.

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    5 ratingAugust 03, 2015

    820 N. Lexington Sprgmill Rd., Mansfield, OH 44906

    At first I was a little nervous if they would have something from GF people with wheat allergies or CD but they had more than I thought they had plenty of options and a very knowledgeable staff that understood how important it is to not have Cross Contamination. Would definitely recommend this place!

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    4 ratingAugust 02, 2015

    7221 Laguna Blvd., Elk Grove, CA 95758

    they had their own gluten free menu. Fron what the waitress said, the ice cream is being tested to comply with 20ppm gf standards. She was knowledgeable and said cc was not an issue, Made separately. Gf season is only salt and papper. I was impressed.

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    5 ratingAugust 02, 2015

    2120 Hamilton Place Blvd., Chattanooga, TN 37421

    They have a real gluten free menu complete with photos and pricing. The selections are good and they even have a yummy dessert that is gluten free.

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    3 ratingAugust 02, 2015

    196 Donahue Street, Sausalito, CA 94965

    Not always gluten free friendly, make sure they remind the cooks to clean their space!

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    4 ratingAugust 01, 2015

    1381 Northwood Center Ct., Coeur d' Alene, ID 83814

    Knowledgable waitstaff about gluten intolerance and celiac disease. When food came out, wrong side was put with main dish. Without asking waitress said she would have new food cooked so nothing would be contaminated. Manager came over without us asking and apologized for error. Impressed by response!

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    5 ratingAugust 01, 2015

    1125 Franklin Rd., Lebanon, TN 37090

    Zack was AMAZING. If you have any concerns at all, ask for him - he'll take care of you. His sister has an allergy, so he's extremely understanding, knowledgable, and protective of your food (especially if you mention that it's celiac, which is what I have). He even went so far as to prepare some of my food himself to make sure it was safe.

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    5 ratingAugust 01, 2015

    100 N. Pointe Blvd., Lancaster, PA 17601

    We have not always had successful experiences at Outback, but we did here. Excellent service and safe eating. Our waitress even offered other gluten free restaurants in the area.

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    5 ratingJuly 28, 2015

    216 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725

    Very large GF menu, and delish!

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    1 ratingJuly 27, 2015

    3230 N. Roosevelt Blvd., Key West, FL 33040

    I threw up all night after eating grilled salmon. It definitely was not a gluten related sickness, straight up food poisoning. Don't. Eat. Here.

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    1 ratingJuly 26, 2015

    4871 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85712

    I ordered of the gluten-free menu and it seemed like the waitress wanted to sabotage my meal she brought me a salad with hidden croutons in it and it was an absolute disaster if you go there and see a waitress name Amanda run!!! She cross contaminate gluten-free orders for fun Swan/grant

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    5 ratingJuly 26, 2015

    6419 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA 20187

    Gluten free menu available upon request. Available online as well. Staff very accommodating to gluten free requests.

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    5 ratingJuly 22, 2015

    930 Interstate Drive, Findlay, OH 45840

    Outback is very celiac friendly. Waiters are knowledgeable and make great suggestions. Food is always delicious and I never have to worry.

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    5 ratingJuly 19, 2015

    505 N. McPherson Church Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303

    very accommodating....will make steaks/veggies with no seasoning and the GF menu online is very extensive and helpful.

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    1 ratingJuly 18, 2015

    7575 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90622

    Always go to Outback as a go to place when traveling, however, this Outback brought a salad out with croutons. Sent it back and second salad had croutons. Canceled order. No one had a concern about leaving or even asked why.And they were not busy!

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    5 ratingJuly 17, 2015

    281 Pi ' ikea Ave., Kihei, Maui, HI 96753

    Outback is always awesome! They have a dedicated gluten free menu. I am disappointed how they do not update it :( I never see change on there menu but there steak is very good! They need to make gluten free appetizers.

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    5 ratingJuly 15, 2015

    549 Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA 92683

    Always have a wonderful gluten-free meal here. I love that the staff will take the time to answer my questions and ask the chef so I know my meal is safe.

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    3 ratingJuly 14, 2015

    2746 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002

    No reaction but not the best tasting.

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    5 ratingJuly 14, 2015

    612 N Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst, NY 11757

    A lot of times in the chain restaurants it all comes down to the the server, and mine was excellent. Very knowledgable. I also have a nut and egg allergy and we were able to find me something and I didn't get sick. Very pleased with this place. :)

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    5 ratingJuly 12, 2015

    1715 Market Place Blvd., Cumming, GA 30041

    I was shocked to learn that Outback had a GF menu but was taken aback when I saw how extensive it was. The server was diligent in taking down are order and was knowledgeable about any questions we asked. I have two children who are GF and were both pleased with their meals. I too am GF, highly sensitive and we had no issues. Highly recommend and looking forward to going back!

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    5 ratingJuly 11, 2015

    5769 SR 303 NE, Bremerton, WA 98311

    My favorite restaurant of all time! And they offer a deliciously yummy gluten free deserts! An they have such a wide variety of entrees to choose from! I have celiac disease and I've never gotten sick from here! So good!

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    4 ratingJuly 11, 2015

    1968 Old Ft. Pkwy., Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    Did really well with my allergy. I just stuck to meat and veggies. The meal was good and I didn't get sick. The gluten-fee menu is always nice to have. Makes ordering so much easier.

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    4 ratingJuly 10, 2015

    34 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803

    They closed recently and are moving to assembly square in Somerville

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