A&J Bakery

Review by KellyAnne

1458 Park Ave, Cranston, RI 02920
2 years ago

Pretty terrible food :( I came here because I accidentally thought it was Sans Gluten Bakery. At first I was very excited about how many products and options there were but was actually super disappointed in the taste. First off, I got a donut from the fresh counter assuming I could eat it right away but it was actually frozen. The ricotta biscuits (cookies) were not very good. The spinach pie was tasty. The lasagna had decent flavor but the lasagna noodles were literally the thickness of pizza or crust and very dense. It wasn't horrible, but I won't be returning. I would recommend that they cut the products they offer in half and really work on making those tastier. Edit: now a few hours later and both my non-celiac partner and I are nauseous, bloated, and feeling sick from that lasagna. It may be gluten free but the rest of the ingredients did not make us feel good.