Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What do I do if I find inaccurate information on a business listing?

    If a business has permanently closed, or if inaccurate information is shown on the business listing, please tap "Edit Listing" and let us know what's wrong. We should be able to process the change within a couple days.

  2. How do I add an establishment?

    If you have an experience at an establishment that is not listed, we'd love for you to add it! Go to the "More" tab on the app and tap "Add a Local Review" or click here to add it on our website.

  3. What is Find Me Gluten Free Premium?

    Our Premium subscription includes no in-app ads, and three new filters! The "Most Celiac Friendly" filter sorts the most celiac friendly businesses with one easy tap. "Open Now" finds restaurants that are open right now or at a specified time. The "By Direction Filter" finds places that are in the specific direction you're heading. Premium is $19.99 USD per year for an individual, and $29.99 USD per year for a family plan. Learn more here.

  4. What is the "Most Celiac Friendly" filter?

    The "Most Celiac Friendly" Premium filter finds and sorts businesses based on: dedicated gluten-free establishments, places tagged with dedicated kitchen space/equipment, and places rated as "celiac friendly" by the community. This filter is a paid Premium feature.

  5. Why do we charge for Premium features?

    We're a small team working hard to make Find Me Gluten Free a great service for the gluten-free community. In order to keep the app up and running, we must make enough money to sustainably do so. Every Premium subscription helps us continue improving the platform. FMGF Founder, Jason Elmore, shares more insight here.

  6. Why is it important to leave both good and bad reviews?

    Leaving detailed and honest reviews (both good and bad) helps others in the gluten-free community make decisions on where to dine. Reviews also communicate information that might not be found on a business listing like tips, must-try menu items, and cross-contact protocols. Did you have a negative dining experience? Posting a review will let others know not to visit that establishment. Even if a business already has plenty of reviews, it's still great to contribute. Seeing a listing with many positive reviews gives diners confidence to eat there. On the other hand, a large number of poor reviews lets the community know that the bad experience wasn't just a fluke.

  7. What tips do you have for diners with celiac disease?

    Our "Dedicated GF Facility" filter is a great tool for those with celiac disease. In the "Search" tab, tap "Filter", then filter by "Dedicated Gluten Free Facility". What if there are no dedicated places nearby? Read our tips for how best to dine out safely here. Our final tip is to be vigilant! Read reviews and call the restaurant directly, as menus and protocols change often.

  8. Why does FMGF list businesses that are not celiac friendly?

    The answer is a little bit more involved, so we've answered this question here.

  9. I own a local business. How can I list it?

    Please list it at

  10. What data do you keep on me?

    The only data we keep about you is the data that you save on your profile to display to other members of the community.

  11. How do I update my email address?

    Please update it at

  12. How do I reset my password?

    Reset your password here:

  13. How can I delete my account?

    Please visit to request that your account is deleted.

  14. How do I add someone to my Premium family plan?

    Add members to your family plan here:

  15. Something else?

    Feel free to email Jason at [email protected]