Why are there restaurants listed that are not celiac friendly?

We get this question a lot. It's a fair question and the answer isn't very obvious. We list these places for a couple reasons:

1. It saves you from visiting a restaurant that won’t work for you

Instead of removing a business from our app that doesn’t have gluten-free options, or is not celiac friendly, we want to leave the listing visible so our community knows not to visit that restaurant. Seeing a low rating and reading negative reviews will save you a trip from visiting a restaurant, only to find out there that it won’t work for your lifestyle.

2. It provides helpful information in case you find yourself stuck eating there

We may not always have a choice in where we eat (think work functions or a group get together). If you find yourself eating at a place that is less than ideal, reading the restaurant’s reviews on Find Me Gluten Free can help you make the safest dining decision. A review may advise you to stay away from menu items involving the fryer, but let you know that a salad or baked entree is a safe choice. Another reviewer could share that they had a negative experience with wait staff, but the chef was really knowledgeable. Worst case scenario, a review will let you know that you have little to no safe options at a given restaurant, which will let you know to stop for a snack beforehand.

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