A&J Bakery

Review by Joseph

1458 Park Ave, Cranston, RI 02920
2 years ago
Celiac friendly

I have been going to A&J for quite some time now and up until recently have loved everything that I have purchased there. After making A&J my go to place and typically going there at least every other week I started noticing a rapid decline in the quality of their food. In March I stopped in before going to my aunts birthday celebration and ordered a individual lemon pie, a butterscotch, and a few cutout cookies. Nothing was eaten because they were frozen solid, which they were not supposed to be. A few days later I was in and spoke to the owner about it in which she apologized and paid for the Zeppole which I bought for St. Joseph Day. After taking one bite of the Zeppole it went into the trash because of the horrible flavor and I typically do not eat burn food. I was fine with letting all this go because of how often I purchased phenomenal items so I was in on Thursday to purchase a dessert for Easter and also grabbed some sandwich rolls. The sandwich rolls also went into the trash just 2 days later when I discovered mold on each roll. Needless to say I will not be going back and would highly recommend sticking with UDIS bread and heading to one of the other 5 gluten free bakeries around Rhode Island. Sadly it seems that quality has lost to quantity at A&J.